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If you’re searching the internet for terms like “roofing company Kirby,” “best roofing contractor,” or “Kirby’s trusted roofing services,” you probably have questions. Gifford Roofing, the leading local roofers, can guide you through the roofing process, starting with a free inspection and an in-depth consultation. 

We can help answer common questions like:

  • Do I need to replace my roof due to age or storm damage?
  • Will the company I choose know how to complete my work without delays or mistakes?
  • Are the roofing contractors in southeast Texas transparent about their pricing and honest when they recommend roof repairs or a new roofing installation?
  • How do I pick the best roofing company out of all the roofing contractors that serve southeast Texas?
  • Will my insurance company cover the costs of my roofing replacement or repair?
  • How can I make sure my roofing lasts for decades?
  • Why should I make Gifford Roofing my roofing company?

We don’t expect you to take on faith that we’re Kirby’s most trusted roofing and building contractors. We’re willing to take the time to demonstrate to you that we do an amazing job and provide high-quality service. We’re confident that you’ll have a great experience when you choose Gifford Roofing. Our team has the roofing expertise to take care of your roofing needs from the initial contact throughout the entire process.

Partner with a Top Roofing Contractor to Get Help with All Your Roofing Needs

As Kingwood’s trusted roofing company, we’ve built an excellent reputation. Our professional team offers more to our clients than any other roofing company in the area. We’re the best roofing company for a new roof or emergency roof repairs in the greater Houston area.


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Why We Lead the Way in Kirby, TX, Roofing Services

A secure, functional, and beautiful roof requires work and skill. Homeowners turn to us in many situations, such as when they are:

  • Rebuilding after a storm or other weather event
  • Flipping an investment property
  • Restoring a family home
  • Building a home addition or constructing a new home

Roof Inspections You Can Rely On

The first step in obtaining professional roofing service is to arrange a professional roof inspection. Homeowners consider us to be Kirby’s trusted roofing inspectors because we have an established reputation for attentiveness and fairness in the industry.

Once we carry out a detailed inspection of a property, we can recommend the repairs, improvements, or roof replacement options that would be the best fit for your roofing requirements.

Our services range from gutter cleaning and maintenance to complete reroofing. No matter what residential roofing services you need for your house or other residential projects, you can count on us to do good work.

Roof Replacement and New Roof Construction for the 21st Century

Homes and businesses seek us out as Kirby’s trusted roof replacement experts when storms hit, or they need to completely overhaul a residential property.

We do much more than just add a new layer of shingles to the roof. We use quality materials to restore and replace every element of the roofing system, including the underlayment, fascia, gutters, and more, depending on a customer’s roofing needs.

Roof Repair When You Need It

We prioritize quality service over quick profits every time. It’s good business and our professional responsibility as proud members of the southern Texas business community.

If we can restore your roof’s look and structural integrity with a simple repair, we’ll give you that opportunity. We won’t try to upsell you on a new roof if we can save your entire roofing system by replacing a few missing shingles. Our paramount concern is your satisfaction and our reputation as Kirby’s trusted roof repair company.

Embracing Solar Power and Other Technological Advances

Be part of the future and save some money by having our professional roofing company install high-quality solar panels on your roof. Why let the Texan summer sun go to waste heating up your shingles when you can put that energy to good use?


A Roofing Company That Achieves First-Rate Results with Many Types of Roofs

Before you pick a contractor for any roofing job, make sure that they have the experience to install any roofing components on the type of roof that you have. An average roofing company can install a layer of shingles on a house, but for optimal results, choose a Kirby’s trusted roofing company with an established track record of successful roofing projects that involve the type of roof that you have or the new roof that you want, including:

  • Sturdy asphalt roofs
  • Stunning metal roofs
  • Dependable flat roofs
  • Beautiful cedar shakes

Winning the Trust of the Kirby Community, One Customer at a Time

Our roofing company stands out from the rest in many ways.

Veteran-Owned and Operated

We have experience with service in every sense of the word, and we know what it means to have people count on us. 

Honest Communication

No roofing project can succeed unless stakeholders can trust each other to mean what they say and say what they mean. At our roofing company, we speak in plain language and confirm that our roofers and customers understand each other before proceeding with any project.


Have you ever had a roofing company abandon projects or try to avoid fixing problems they caused? That won’t happen at Gifford Roofing. You can count on our support until you are completely satisfied with our work and if you have any problems.

Enthusiastic Testimonials and a Portfolio of Completed Projects

See for yourself what sets us apart from every other roofing company out there. Discover how our highly recommended team had improved the lives of Kirby homeowners and see the quality of our roofing for yourself by reading reviews and seeing the gallery on our website.

25+ Years of Trusted Roofing
25+ Years of Trusted Roofing

Our Latest 5-Star Reviews

Great company, responsive, Do as they say
allen gaw
allen gaw
November 4, 2022.
They were very good at handling what needed to be done . Their crew was very good and hard working. Great experience with them
Donna Cook
Donna Cook
October 8, 2022.
Would definitely recommend. Eduardo made the insurance process as easy as possible, very informative!!
Gerardo Gutierez
Gerardo Gutierez
September 11, 2022.
Highly recommend them ! Very professional , kept me up to date though the whole process and took the hassle of dealing with insurance off my plate !
Nikki Knockout
Nikki Knockout
September 9, 2022.
Professional, throrough, and super easy to work with. They handled all the work with the insurance company and made the whole process seamless. Will definitely be recommending them to my neighbors!
William Walker
William Walker
September 9, 2022.
Highly recommend their services.
Javi Ruiz
Javi Ruiz
September 9, 2022.
Highly recommend!
lexi vitucci
lexi vitucci
September 9, 2022.
Painless roof repair, I highly recommend Gifford Roofing!
Alan Pickett
Alan Pickett
September 8, 2022.
Very professional team. Walked me through issues and what needed to be repaired vs what would be good to replace but not needed yet. I find construction interesting and being walked through how a roof system works was very nice.
Edgar Lopez
Edgar Lopez
September 8, 2022.

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