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Your roofing system provides protection for your home while improving its ROI score. If you’re struggling with leaks, want to reduce energy bills, or have other roofing needs, our Gifford Roofing crew is happy to help. We’re highly recommended by residential clients throughout the area.

Instead of searching “roofing contractor in Rice Military, TX,” reach out to our professionals. We always do good work, making us proud local industry leaders. Our elite roofing contractors come armed with over 25 years of experience servicing homeowners.

Let Us Handle Your Roof Installation or Replacement

If you need a roof for new construction or want a roof replacement, look no further than our roofing contractors! We know how to install a new flat roofing system that’s durable and attractive. We can work with many different materials to help you get a beautiful roof, including:


Many Rice Military, TX, homeowners desire shingles for their new roof due to their affordability. Our professional business only uses top-notch shingles to install your new roof, ensuring long-lasting strength and durability.


A metal residential roofing project costs more than a shingle project. However, your completed roofing system can also protect your house for a much longer time. A metal roof can last up to 50 years or longer without too many maintenance needs.


Slate roofs are also long-lasting, with many boasting a lifespan of 100 years or more. Like metal roofs, a slate roof also features advanced resistance against the weather and mold.


Made from thick and robust cedar wood, shake can withstand heavy rain and wind damage. Shake also features a natural resistance against insects and other pests.


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Our Roof Repair in Rice Military, TX

Our team does an amazing job at helping you with your roofing needs from initial contact to completion. Our roofing company lends its roofing expertise throughout Rice Military, TX.

We’re always proud to get our customers a good deal too. Therefore, we always suggest the most cost-effective roof repairs that can still maintain your project’s integrity. Our roofing repair services start by examining your home and deducing any necessary repairs. Some issues that our roofing business can tackle are:

  • Missing, loose, or broken shingles
  • Damaged chimneys or flashing
  • Clogged or sagging gutters
  • Poor ventilation
  • Damaged insulation
  • Water leaks
  • Standing water
  • And more

Our Roof Inspection and Maintenance Services

At Gifford Roofing, our professional company cares about providing quality roofing services. Our roofing company serves residents by helping them avoid bank-breaking repairs or replacements.

While our roofing company can’t prevent tornadoes or heavy rainfall, our team can improve your roof’s lifespan. A regular roof inspection in Rice Military, TX, can spot problems early on, correcting them before they evolve into huge financial obstacles.

Our professional roofing company can visit your home and provide regular maintenance and inspections. Throughout the entire process, a contractor is ready on the other end to answer any questions you can think of.


The Benefits of a Roof Replacement in Rice Military, TX

Once your roof reaches the 20-year mark, it might be time to replace it versus pursuing expensive repairs. Homeowners can reap the following benefits by replacing their residential roofs:

Better curb appeal

Every roof installed by our roofing company instantly improves a property’s curb appeal. By replacing your worn-out or faded roof with a new system, you’re sure to impress anyone driving by.

A greater return on investment

Homeowners wanting to sell their property should explore a replacement to increase their ROI. When installed by our knowledgeable roofing company, anticipate a hike in your property’s value.

Better weather resistance

A professional roofing system can safeguard your property against heavy winds, the sun’s destructive UV rays, dangerous rainstorms, and more.

Potential reductions to those annoying insurance premiums

Our roofing services may help reduce those pesky insurance premiums. In fact, a new roof can sometimes reduce insurance premiums by up to 20%.

More energy savings

If energy bills continue getting higher, you may need a roof replacement job. Outdated roofs are often plagued by cracks, leaks, and industry-outdated materials. Combined, these factors can start raising your heating and cooling costs.

You can fix an improper installation

It’s tempting to hire an unlicensed contractor who lacks formal training to save money. Sometimes, a new roofing replacement is the only method for correcting an improperly installed project.

25+ Years of Trusted Roofing
25+ Years of Trusted Roofing

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Great company, responsive, Do as they say
allen gaw
allen gaw
November 4, 2022.
They were very good at handling what needed to be done . Their crew was very good and hard working. Great experience with them
Donna Cook
Donna Cook
October 8, 2022.
Would definitely recommend. Eduardo made the insurance process as easy as possible, very informative!!
Gerardo Gutierez
Gerardo Gutierez
September 11, 2022.
Highly recommend them ! Very professional , kept me up to date though the whole process and took the hassle of dealing with insurance off my plate !
Nikki Knockout
Nikki Knockout
September 9, 2022.
Professional, throrough, and super easy to work with. They handled all the work with the insurance company and made the whole process seamless. Will definitely be recommending them to my neighbors!
William Walker
William Walker
September 9, 2022.
Highly recommend their services.
Javi Ruiz
Javi Ruiz
September 9, 2022.
Highly recommend!
lexi vitucci
lexi vitucci
September 9, 2022.
Painless roof repair, I highly recommend Gifford Roofing!
Alan Pickett
Alan Pickett
September 8, 2022.
Very professional team. Walked me through issues and what needed to be repaired vs what would be good to replace but not needed yet. I find construction interesting and being walked through how a roof system works was very nice.
Edgar Lopez
Edgar Lopez
September 8, 2022.

Why Homeowners Trust Our Professional Services

When you need a quality service without hurting your wallet, you can trust our roofing company. Choose us as your roofing contractor in Rice Military, TX, for these reasons:

Free roof inspections

Determining whether or not you need roof repairs isn’t always straightforward. With a free inspection, our roofing company can determine if you need to service your roof.

Insurance assistance

Insurance policies sometimes cover a roofing repair or replacement. A roofing contractor from our crew can help you step-by-step with this process.

Projects of various sizes

At Gifford Roofing, we come ready to tackle projects of any size. Whether you have a single-story home or a much bigger house, we bring the same level of professionalism.

We value customer satisfaction

It’s our goal to create a great experience for anyone we work with. Whether you want us to prepare your home for summer or you want to find ways to slash those annoying energy bills, give us a call.

Proven safety standards

We always adhere to rigorous safety standards, preventing harm to our employees or your residential home.

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